松屋銀座 3F Rita’s Diary にて、毎シーズン恒例となりました ANTIPAST フェアを開催いたします。

2021年10月6日(水) – 10月19日(火)

松屋銀座 3F Rita’s Diary
お問い合わせ: 03-3567-1211(代表)

ANTIPAST Fair is coming to Matsuya Ginza “Rita’s Diary”.
We have made 3 limited items, sock knit gloves, sock knit mufflers, small bags and fabric masks, for this fair.
Along with our 21SS collection and archive collection there will be limited edition items sold only at Rita’s Diary.
Please take a visit during this special event.

6th October (Wed) ~ 19th October (Tue) 2021

Matsuya Ginza 3 flr “Rita’s Diary”
For more information please contact: 03-3567-1211